A Note From The Founders

We are Tom (Tommaso) and Leti (Letizia), two proud Italians with a passion for beauty in all its shades. We are curious explorers seeking the unexpected and in a continuous search for perfection.
Our mission is showing the world our beloved country with its unrivalled heritage and excellences.

In September 2019 we founded N2S Italia, a Destination Management Company (DMC) specialized in providing bespoke upscale experiences and events in Italy as well as other destinations. Our name, “N2S”, defines our borders: from North to South, with no limits.
This is not by chance, as I was born and raised in Milan and Leti in Puglia.

On our 5th anniversary within the luxury travel industry, we decided to start our own venture. This finally enabled us to promote our travel vision and market the things we really love, delivering the top-notch service that our clients deserve.
We believe that the definition of luxury is changing and that it includes authenticity and truth, as they are both very rare factors nowadays, and what is rare is exclusive. We are for this reason very committed to promoting real people and inaccessible places.

What do we mean by “real people”?
By real people we mean local people, with soul, unique character, real talent – people who really are the foundation of Italian excellence.
Our hand-picked colleagues and partners on the ground are the proud owner of a boutique winery, with a passion for astronomy; the funny yacht captain who knows Capri, and every single one of its hidden grottos, like the back of his hand; the Countess inviting you for tea in her Palazzo on the Grand Canal, surrounded by her impressive Art collection put together over the years from trips around the world; the professional archaeologist masked as a “tour guide”, who worked several years in Egypt before returning to his beloved Rome; the sweet farmer based near Pienza, who teaches pasta making in her medieval kitchen, where she preserves every single copper pot like if it were her own child; the successful Milanese fashion designer, who is still so humble and passionate that he insists on taking you himself for a private visit around the brand’s headquarters; the Umbrian falconer who proudly works every day to keep alive one of the most ancient hunting techniques in the world; the experienced opera singer performing for your surprise dinner in Florence; the chef in Puglia who will absolutely want to join your table after lunch and share his secrets with you; the helicopter pilot who will change route to show you yet another angle of the crater of the volcano of Stromboli from the sky, so that your picture will be just perfect; the eccentric and brilliant collector of classic cars who opens his kept-secret garage to you and lets you go for a ride; the personal chauffeur who, as a local, will be much more than just a driver; and we could go on and on…
We could only leave you in their capable hands, and no one else’s.

What do we mean by “inaccessible places”?
By inaccessible places we mean unique places that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find on a travel guide. Places that aren’t contrived or over-crowded, or so adapted for the masses that they lose their flair. Places that wouldn’t normally be open to the public. We also mean physically inaccessible places, like a private island only reachable by helicopter, or an ashore villa accessible exclusively by private boat. To us, an inaccessible place is even just a hidden corner, which we know of only thanks to our in-depth knowledge of a destination. We also make public and popular places unique, by allowing you to visit them after-hours and behind the scenes, thanks to our relationship with the owner, or connection with an institution.
Inaccessible is our ability to design an amazing experience off-the-beaten track, our excitement in sending you somewhere new and different that leaves you speechless.

We believe that our strengths and what makes us different are our innovative and creative approach; our extensive network; our in-depth knowledge gained on the ground; our passion; and the icing on the cake: our team of really talented individuals. We will never stress enough the importance of people, as Bryan Kramer says - there is no more B2B or B2C: it’s all about Human to Human #H2H. I would add: especially when it comes to travel.

We also believe that the future of luxury travel is not just seeing a beautiful place, but also contributing to the sustainable development of the destination and of the people you meet. Tourism can change lives.
Travel with purpose and with N2S, and you might be surprised by how it changes your life!.


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Director of Balearic Islands


Through our special “N2S formula”, we will show you the excellence of Italy providing the highest standard of travel services and spoiling you with creative touches along the way.

Here below some of the services which we provide to our B2B partners and high-end direct customers:

  • Bespoke Touring & Experiences: Cultural, Culinary, Active, Lifestyle
  • Exclusive Villa Rentals
  • Location Scouting for Private Celebrations
  • Event Production: Company Retreats, Incentives etc.
  • Private Yacht Expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Educational Programs for High-Net-Worth Individual’s Families
  • Behind Closed Doors Access to Italy’s most important and beautiful Landmarks. Public and Private.
  • Private Transportation with Limo-car, Helicopter, Private jet
  • VIP assistance at Airports, Stations and Ports
  • Investment Advisory in Italy (Real Estate: private properties, vineyards etc.)



Thanks to our network and relations on the ground, we were able to select a portfolio of the most unique private properties available for rent. 180 houses located throughout the 20 very different regions of Italy.
We only offer to our clients and partners villas with which we have specific access and a direct contact with the owners.

When adding a new property to our portfolio we keep in mind our vision: real, inaccessible, unconventional. All factors meant to impress and give you a thrill. If not for the design or history, it’ll be for the location and service.

At N2S we strongly believe that a villa stay is the epitome of slow travel and the “Dolce far niente”, something we really encourage our guests to consider. Our villa rentals are usually booked on a weekly basis – from Saturday to Saturday – staying 7 nights (or more) in the same location allows you to relax, appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and enter in contact for real with the local community with our experiences.


Let us create your lifetime experience or event in Italy.


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